Shocking revelations by a nurse from Elmhurst Hospital, the New York epicenter of the epicenter

Shocking revelations by a nurse from Elmhurst Hospital, the New York "epicenter of the epicenter"

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7 months
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Nurse Erin Marie Olszewski reveals that at Elmhurst Hospital, non-Covid patients and Covid confirmed patients are housed in the same rooms. People who have tested negative for COVID-19 several times are referred to as "Covid confirmed" and then connected to a ventilator. Respirators are probably the most common cause of death in the pandemic. Tranquilizers and paralytics in combination with pressure injuries kill 90 percent of the people who are ventilated in Elmhurst (and thus in large parts of the world). Nosocomial (hospital-acquired) infections are the main transmission vector. Credit to @JourneymanPictures Watch the full video: Beta version of the website: ------ As we still have a long way to go in order to cover all production costs, the crowdfunding campaign still running through InDemand – you can still donate to us by selecting the perks: You can also support us via bank account and the crypto currencies – Bitcoin & Monero if you like! Bank transfer: OVALmedia Berlin GmbH IBAN: DE66 4166 0124 0017 1707 00 BIC: GENODEM1LPS Bitcoin (primary address) bc1q7xfc7ppuw5jwz77sy29txy0efwqnpxw70swgy6 Monero (primary address) 4ATT5z6TgvR6aH9HsPjjLENB6wMaF36aMYwFs2N6sXXWfMZpgz5Vs2GNBrtLAJxVdZEPnvRiF4c56R1k2pfGEvvfFfBztpn We’re truly grateful for those who have supported us so far. We can’t wait to share the film with you. ----- We already produced a cinema documentary investigating Swine Flu: "trustWHO". Please watch it here: English: Deutsch: Français:


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